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Closer You and I

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | 4:15 AM

Amazed by the revival of Spongecola, this song once again hits my heart. Way back 80's during my childhood days, I always hear this song. From then, I learned to like it. Even my mother like this song and even her sings with it!

As time goes by, way back 2004, when I felt love to someone who is now working in a far away place abroad, this song was my themesong for her! She got a great smile in addition to her lovely beautiful face. I love her smile with her teeth having braces! Whenever I see her, whenever I'm with her, I imagining that we were doing a toothpaste comercial together! Wow, how an illusion wishing to come true!

Now, in 2009 during the month of the heart, this song once again rose! And now with a different tune. THanks top Spongecola that give new meaning for this song. This song still the theme of a toothpaste brand. Added to the "kilig" factor was the lovetheme of Kim and Gerald which I used to imagine, we're like them. I decided to use the same song for my prospect new love, but then that new love started from a simple crush created my CRUSHing heart!

Without anything else in my mind, let's all enjoy the lyrics of this song we all love...

“Closer You and I”

Hey, there's a look in your eyes
Must be love at first sight
You were just part of a dream
Nothing more so it seemed
But my love couldn't wait much longer
Just can't forget the picture of your smile'
Coz everytime I close my eyes
You come alive
The closer I get to touching you
The closer I get to loving you
Give it a timeJust a little more time
We'll be together
You and I
Then could I love you more
So much stronger than before
Why does it seem like a dream
So much more so it seemsI guess I found my inspiration
With just one smile, you take my breath away
So hold me close
And say you'll stay with me now
The closer I get to touching you
The closer I get to loving you
Give it a timeJust a little more time
We'll be together
Every little smile
That special smile
The twinkle in your eye
In a little whileGive it a time
Just a little more time
So we can get closer
You and I
How I wish someday, I will found someone that I can own, someone I can be close with, closer and closer...a love to someone that will be getting hotter...!
How I wish soon, I can have my own toothpaste comercial with this being my themesong!

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