Each Passing Night

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 | 3:53 AM

Fascinated by the different views of night? Or just fascinated by the singer?! Well, I just learned to like this song since the first time I've heard it over the radio. At first, I just like the revision made to it by the rockoustic hearthrob, Sam Milby since he sings it very well with a different tune, but then as it played over and over the radio, I then realized, I will love more this song for the message it connoted to us.
Viewing the lyrics of the song, I just thought, it's a sad breaking song. Two lovers just break apart during that night!
Hmmm...breaking, again and again! Initially, I just dream that this song would be our theme song, a song for my beloved someone! Well then. as my heart tear-down to her, I don't think this song would fits my love story! But I think again! As a seem the lyrics, well, well, well, it's such a song for a broken heart!
How then tears fall in our eyes with the rhythm of this song!
Anything else, let us enjoy singing together with the lyrics to the song now popularized by Sam. And giving you a bit trivia, this song was formerly sang by Gary Valenciano! I didn't exactly hear the way Gary V. sang it, I just heard him singing it in ASAP. At first, I just thought Sam was the original singer of it. Well then, either of Gary or Sam, let us all enjoy the lyrics and rhythm of this song!
Each Passing Night
(Sam Milby)
Each passing night
I try and close my eyes
But thoughts of you
They wake me up
And tear me inside out
Each passing night
I ask myself who's right
And try to find the reasons why
It had to end that night
Didn't we share each other's dreams
We held each other tight
And tears fell from my eyes
As you walked and left me here
Like the wind you passed me by
I try but I can't seeIf it's something that I said
Baby please won't you tell me now
'Cause it gets harder each passing night
I often pray
That you'd come back and stay
We've had too much together
To ever live a partI'll wait and see'
Cause I know and I believe
Someday you'll come to realize
What you and I can be
Then we'll share each other's dreams
We'll held each other tight
Kiss the tears that burn my eyes
'Cause you walked and left me here
Like the wind you passed me by
I try but I can't seeIf it's something that I said
Baby, please won't you tell me now'
'Cause it gets harder each passing night
I never meant to hurt your heart this way
Sooner or later
There'd be someone else who'd stay
(Repeat Chorus1 only 1st 4 lines)
(Repeat Chorus1)

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Edlee said...

How sad you didn't hear the original song rendered by Gary V. That would be great thing you'll regret from now on. Hahahaha!