Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 | 3:31 PM

"A Time For Us"! When it can really be? I just had asked my heart waiting for that one. Have you also asked yourself the similar question?

Way back in College, the year was 2005. I was deeply inlove with the girl in the lower year. I thought, she is really really the one I could be with forever. I think I was too possesive for her. I even don't wanted her away from me. Even though I loved her so much that times, she still created pains and hurts in my heart.

To counter-attack the pain I am suffering, I look at the other girl. I forced myself to love that other girl to lessen my pains. It's just like saying "panakip-butas" hoping to heal my wounds. For me that time, it's my way of revenge.

Trying and trying, I could not love her that much. But suddently, slowly, I realized, I was now falling to her. Until in 2006, she graduated ahead of me. I just then hope, there will be time for the two of us!

Even though we're far apart, our communications via text remains. When I graduate in 2007 then I got my first job, we still a constant textmate eventhough she's not the one who replies a lot! She always texted me with the words from the Bible! We even chat via YM. We also exchanged comments in Friendster. I even invited her for dinner and even recruited her in my previous work. From then, I here is the time for us!

But my expectations seems a failure. All those communications were now gone! She even didn't texted me at all.

Then and now, whenever I hear this song, she still flashes in my mind. My heart is still hoping to see her once again and that wishing 'something' would happen with us!

I let you feel the same with the lyrics of this song. You can still hear it by just scrolling down my playlist! c",)

(Fra Lippo Lippi)

How can you come with me
When you knew all along that you had to go
How could you watch me sleep close to you
Pretending not to know
How could you memorize my name
And forget who I am
How could you think you're still the same
Believing I can

It's too late to start pretending
It's too late for a new beginning
Later than the sunset
Later than the rain
Later than never
To love you again
How could you ask for more
Than an innocent smile
Trust in me to stay
How could you close the door
And leave me here
Supposing I'm okay
How could you break down my disguise
And uncover my fears
How could you look into my eyes
Ignoring my tears

Yeah, yeah
It's too late
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