My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | 7:33 PM

Well, for some, they were saying that I can't recover or I can't move on to my past romance 4 years from now! But they didn't even know that I was fully recovered, I was really renewed...that all the past were all in the memories!

Our love story before were like the tandem of Angel and Richard. It was very much suits when they starred in "Mano 5: Gua Ai Di" in the Christmas of December, 2006!

Their roles in the movie really reflected us! Yup both of us have a Chinese blood just like Angel and Richard in the movie. Christian Bautista formed a love triangle just like the third party in our love story with an initial of W.C.

Even this theme song in the said movie also became part of our love story. Wherever I go, even in the far away places, we were always together!

Last year when I watched this movie in Cinema One of Sky cable, all the 'kilig', all the sweet memories in our love story flashed on my mind! I smiled a little...a sudden looked back...afterward, I finally moved on!

So for a while, let us all cherished the days we had before. Our love story stonger than the love team of Angel and Richard with this hit by Christian Bautista.

My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
(Christian Bautista)

People try and tell me that its crazy
You and I were never meant to be
I don't believe they know,
and even if its so
I'm fallen anyway, no matter what they say.

A part of me is taking me by the hand
The world can't see, still
they can't understand
Why can't they understand.. . .

My heart has a mind of its own
Right or wrong it's gonna do
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Only what it feel is true
I'll follow it where ever it goes
Anywhere it leads me to
My heart has a mind, mind of its own.

Maybe we will always be together
Maybe this'll last a thousand years
ain't nobody knows, and even if they did
It wouldn't matter now
I'd love you anyhow.

[Refrain and Chorus]

My heart knows what I'm needing
My heart knows what I'm feeling
It knows me better than I know myself
My heart knows what I'm missin'
All I have to do is listen
And listen well...
[Repeat Chorus]
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