More Than Words Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | 1:40 PM

After we dance to the tune of my first love story in college, time now to be more senti! Just like I have said, almost or majority of the Westlife's hit songs connoted my different love stories.

And this song remake of this Irish boyband originally done by the group called Extreme was one of my theme songs to my first love way back in third year high school. It's now turn for JCTM! =)

I was 15 and she was 16 that time! I was a third year high school while she was a fourth! We met when we joined together the Philippine History Quiz Bee. I can't forget that date, September 19, 1999!

When our quiz bee was over, I recruited her to join our high school student publication. Then every Sunday meeting when I was tasked to buy our foods, I asked her to come together with me (so 'kilig' haha...!). And one incident that I never forget was the time she sang this song!

It was Sunday afternoon in 11th Ave. Grace Park, Caloocan City. The songs played on the radio were all oldies but goodies. And the original version of this song from Extreme was played! Since this song was also my favorite, I was shocked hearing her singing the same song! Wow...I felt that I was being serenaded! From that moment, I really love very much this song! Specially on that year, Westlife launched their own remake of this said song!

Westlife sang it very well better than the original! Everytime I heard it playing, I remember our moments together one Sunday afternoon! I truly feel the romance within this song! Inspiration, love, admirations...all rolled into one! How I wish I will feel the same feeling again...!

So again for this very moment, allow me to share with you the same feeling I felt when hearing and watching this Westlife's version of "More Than Words"! Lyrics of the song is also flashing in this song's MTV! Let's reminisce back the times we were together JCTM! C",)

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