If You Come Back Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 1:07 PM

Oh, it's been 8 years ago when this song from the boy band called Blue became a huge hit. Yeah, I was just only a second year college student during that time! And did you know that this was my theme song to my second year college love? Our affair started on the very first day of the school year!

Together with this Blue's music, let us quickly reminisce my love who became too close to me --JDTL!

I didn't expect on the very first day of school, I will meet her. She was my first-time classmate since her class schedule was in a night. She just then transfered to the morning class (in our section) because she was a working student.

She was the very first person in our class that became too close to me. Our friendship started on the first day of school year when she asked a math book from me. Until then, we became really close. She was even became part of our barkada!

For the short period of time, I really fall in love with her. But our moments together ended. She dropped all her subjects! I was left alone! So sad...!

And whenever I hear this song, I really remember her! 8 years ago, I will refresh back my feelings to her! So for this moment, I will let you see the two music videos of Blue's "If You Come Back". These two music videos were almost similar. The only difference is their beats. The first one is the original radio version while the second one is an acoustic-mix like version! Let's all see these two! JDTL...an intial to remember! C",)

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