I'm Yours Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, June 28, 2010 | 11:01 AM

Travel, journey, or out-of-town...! Well, these maybe the themes of the music video of this Jason Mraz song called "I'm Yours". Seeing this video, seems that Jason really enjoys his trip!

But did you know that we almost have the same theme with Jason Mraz for this song?

2008 when this song became popular. I remembered that this same song was also used in a chinovela. Afterwards, everybody loved this song.

Actually one of my officemates realy likes this song. He keeps on playing this one on his PC. Then during our out-of-town team building, he even played this one.

Yup, like I've told you, I always remembered our 2008 team building, our team's situation whenever I hear this song. Those were the times that I was only months old in our company but still full of potentials!

So let's remember those days with this Jason Mraz' music video of his song called "I'm Yours". Then let's appreciate the beautiful scenic views presented in the video! Enjoy! C",)

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