State Of Mind Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, June 4, 2010 | 3:22 PM

It seems that we are in the modern age landing in an alien's planet whenever I heard this song! The beat, the rhythm of this new hit song is really catchy leading you to a hi-tech world!

Hmmm... what is it really in this song? Will aliens or robotics conquer our place?

This is a collaboration song from Jay Z and Alicia Key. This is a very good dance song really suited for a modern-themed dance craze.

There were different versions of this song. The one I have here with you is the best version from Alicia Key and Jay Z. Of course, there were also different music videos of it.

There is a music video of it reflecting a modern-day empire. Robots and androids were singing in the said video. But the one that I will provide you here is the original ofifcial music video of it featuring Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Their voices really blended with each other! A perfect combination.

Now I'm letting you interpret the so called "State of Mind" through its song's music video. What is really it? Well, let's see...!!! C",)

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