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Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 | 1:34 PM

The heat is really unstoppable! We're already on the season of rainy of days, but still heat dominates our place! Jut like this new hot dance music video! Really hot!

This is the latest hit craze that tops the billboard chart. This is a dance craze popularized by the hot artist Jay Sean.

Well, what can you expect with a hot singer! Of course, a more steamy hit single! Jay Sean performs the dance video together with Lil Wayne!

Before, I was not so familiar with this song. But in my every gym workout session, this song was always played! From then on, I learned to love this one!

And it really fits! Yeah, this song fits my every weekend workouts!

Hmmm...belive it or not, this dance song became my gym workout theme song (besides "Halo"). And it truly fits! Why?

It's because the singer of this dance craze is also a great body builder! Yup, as you can see, Jay Sean got the perfect sexy body! His really hot! He can even act as a gym instructor since he posses a perfect muscular build!

The dance song, the singer of the song, putting them together became a one great gym workout theme song! A perfect gym session. You will really feel lifting as you listen to this song.

So for this moment, let us hear, dance, and watch all at the same with the music video of this hit called "Down" performed by Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne! Stretch your muscles, build your abs, and got a perfect sexy hot body just like Wayne! Enjoy! C",)

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Jones said...

I personally do not like that song but eh cool. Might wanna check out my radio?