Ne-yo's Because of You Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Saturday, July 10, 2010 | 9:38 PM

Let's continue dancing with our dancing shoes with the rhythm of this another hit dance craze. It's Ne-yo's turn here in the Rhythm of Rock!

Did you know that I remember my first conducted training to my teammates with this song?!

Yup, it was 2008 when I conducted my first training to my teammates. And this was the theme song that I used in my presentation.

All my officemates very well loved my presentation. It became remarkable to all of them as I put 'flying birds' and animations in my slides. Of course, there was sound on it which was this song from Ne-yo called "Because of You"! From that time, I became the official Trainer in our team!

And I was also thankful for this song. Besides my first training to them called "Days with the Dev", I further remember my 2008 memories with my fellow good teammates!

So, let us reminisce the moments in my team with this Ne-yo's hot dance craze. Yeah, I also remember my other officemates who were no longer connected in our office because of this song. And let's enjoy this music video! C",)

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