Please Be Careful With My Heart (Mandarin Version)

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, July 5, 2010 | 9:53 AM

This song called "Please Be Careful With My Heart" is one of my favorite songs from Christian Bautista's "Romance Revisited" album wherein he made his own rendition of Jose Mari Chan's classic hits. And from my previous posts, you already knew my own story behind that song!

But have you already heard the Mandarin version of it?!

It was Sarah Geronimo and my idol Christian Bautista who made the English revival of it. But another version of it was made in the Mandarin version. Christian Bautista now sings it with the Chinese singer Kewei.

The mandarin version of it is really nice! It really sounds like its counter English version. Christian sings his part in English while Kewei sing the lady's part in Mandarin! Really inspiring!

Below is not the original music video of their mandarin version since I can't find any. So I decided to share with you this video containing the mandarin lyrics of it and of course the song itself! Two great Asian idols, the sexy hot Christian Bautista and the cute darling Kewei duet in this lovely romantic song! Love it! So let's feel inlove and inspire once again with this cool romantic song in mandarin version! C",)

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