Alejandro Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Thursday, August 5, 2010 | 11:29 AM

Oh so hot and sexy...! It's oozing and steaming...! These were some of the words to describe this latest hit from Lady Gaga, the song called "Alejandro"!

Seeing this music video, I can say that it is full of sex and sensation!

Yeah, this music video is really hot and tempting! The moves, the dance, the choreography, and of course the backup dancer of Lady Gaga besides herself were really, really hot and sexy!

I don't think what's in the mind of Ms. Lady Gaga why she came up with this kind of music video theme. Well, we can't deny the fact that when it is a Lady Gaga song, expect that it's an extraordinary!

But for me, this song is too much! Lots of sexual actions and connotations fill the whole music video!

But according to many particularly from my religious officemates, they say that this music video is anti-Christ! It's a sort of 'Satanist' music video!

Well, probably because it implies sex and liberalism! It exposes very hot bodies for us to be tempt with! Honestly, when I see this video, I get tempted! My body heats up! Haha...!

But besides implying sex and temptation, did you see how Lady Gaga dressed in this video?! Yup, she really looks like an anti-Christ! Besides, look at the inverted red cross on the sleeve of her blouse. It really suggest that she is against Christianity!

Another controversial thing about this music video, on the last part of it, Lady Gaga swallowed a rosary! OMG!!! Gush...!

That part was very much criticized and complained! That's why on this music video which is seen on TV, that part was removed!

Now talking about this song itself, I think I am familiar with this song?! I think I already heard it long time ago?! Is it a revival song? Is Madonna the original singer of this one if I'm not mistaken?!

And talking about the title of this song, the title is great! "Alejandro" is now a very popular name! It sounds like a main character or a leading man in a telenovela!

Now see to yourself how this music video runs! Afterward, tell me what you feel! But above anything else, this music video is one of my favorite! Great one Gaga! C",)

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