I Remember The Girl Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, September 10, 2010 | 12:38 PM

Today's hottest singer hunk, the Asian Pop Idol Mr. Christian Bautista recently released his beautiful music video!

This is the music video of his version of the song called "I Remember The Girl"!

And what's good about this music video?!

Well first of all, their first tandem with the sexy hot actress Ms. Cristine Reyes is seen in this video! Yup, Christian Bautista's leading lady in this music video is no other than the FHM Second Sexiest Woman of the year! Cristine and Cristian perfectly fits in this MTV since both of them were really hot and sexy! Hmmm...are we expecting more sexy scenes from both Christian and Cristine in this video?!

Then the theme of the video as well as the song itself was hopelessly romantic!

Christian sings it very slowly sad! Hearing the music, you will really feel sad and lonely. What more seeing the video, you will really cry! It's all about the girl who longs for her faraway partner! She didn't know if her love one will return or never at all!

This song is also part of Christian Bautista's successful revival album called "Romance Revisited" which is now on its double platinum success! Wow, great one Ian!

The song was originally done by a girl which had an original title of "I Remember The Boy"! Christian today made a very good revival of it! It will really touches your heart!

So, are you excited to cry and be touched by this great revival song of Christian Bautista?! Well, let's all watch and feel this music video featuring the Christian and Cristine tandem! So beautiful and truly emotional! Love it! C",)

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