Listen - Glee Season 2 'Audition' Episode

Written By Rocky Chua on Thursday, September 23, 2010 | 11:31 AM

After having a showdown duet with Lea Michele in the girl's CR singing "Telephone", Charice once more fascinated the audience.

This time, during her audition in the "Glee" Club in front of the stage!

Almost all of the eyes were on Charice! Charice playing the character role of Sunshine Corazon is about to showcase her singing power for the audition!

But Charice didn't failed the expected to her by her audience, fans, and supporters! She gave her best! By singing the Beyonce song called "Listen", Sunshine Corazon's performance that night deserves a well-round of applause! And everybody really gave her a standing ovation!

Then what can we expect?! Sunshine was automatically becomes part of the prestige Glee Club!

Right after her song, the head of the choir then say, "Welcome to the Glee Club!" Sunshine was very proud during that night! An indeed star-starry night!

This marks the official entrance of Sunshine Corazon as part of the Glee Club. Almost everyone welcomes this Filipino exchange student to be part of their team!

I like the last part of this episode right after the performance of Charice singing "Listen"! Lea Michele (playing the character of Rachelle Berry) sings the same song which Charice sang. She sings it emotionally through her own version! the character of Lea Michele will get insecure with Sunshine Corazon?!

Well before we can know the answer, here is the music video from the "Audition" episode of "Glee" Season 2 wherein Charice sings "Listen", an original song of Beyonce! Let's all watch and feel the emotion of Charice in this song! Another great one Charice! Two thumbs up! C",)

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