Two Is Better Than One Music Videos

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 | 11:45 AM

The rock band called Boys Like Girls is now becoming more popular. They now invade the music scene!

This rock band becomes s famous because of their song called "Two Is Better Than One"! And I know that you really know this song!

Yeah, "Two Is Better Than One" is one of a great song today. I like its beat, its rhythm, its melody, and the total outcome of the song!

I first heard this song playing in many of the hit radio stations. Every peak hours, this song seems to be the theme of many. Until that, I learned also to love the song!

Not only the music of it is so nice. Even the message it tells is somewhat so inspiring. To all of us, we know that two is really better than one! We can finish a certain task successfully if two heads were working together! But in terms of the heart, "Two Is Better Than One" simply means, it's better to have a partner than to live alone!

Hayz...hope that all of us will have a long time partner in life! It's hard to live alone!

Meanwhile talking about the band, I like them! They were so unique! They sing differently from the other rock band we know. Even their band name was so unique! Hehe...!

I even like the music video of it! The beautiful young singer Ms. Taylor Swift is also part of it. She made a very special appearance in the song and in the music video. She sings some part of it!

For today, I have here with you two music videos of "Two Is Better Than One". The first one is the music video with Taylor Swift. The other one is an acoustic type wherein the band sings it melodically!

So let's all enjoy this cool music video! Very, very nice! Like it! C",)

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