Don't Say You Love Me Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 | 9:42 AM

I'm so glad to hear again and see a new music video of this song! Yup, this is one of the hit song during my 4TH Year High School days. And I smiled seeing a new version of it.

This becomes a hit in year 2000. It was the twin sisters called M2M who popularized the original version of it.

Now, surprised to see that another twin sisters sung a new version of it. This time, it's Krissy and Ericka!

The song is really an inspiring one. It just tells us not to rush love! Yeah love truly comes in the right time and in the right place. We don't need to keep on looking it specially when we're not ready!

Yup, many of us can really relate on this. Almost all of us were rushing to find love! It seems that it's already the end of the world and we really needs to find someone just to say, we are already in a relationship! That we already have a boyfriend or a girlfriend!

Honestly speaking, I'm guilty with that! I'm also like them who is rushing to find love. It's really hard to patiently wait for someone to come. So we really needs to immediately look for the one to own!

It's like "parang napag-iiwanan na tayo ng biyahe" so by hook or by crook, we try to have the one! They were all rushing to change their status in Facebook from single to in a relation!

I am also rushing to find love. But I really ensure that I could get the best one! Yup, I am the one who has the highest standard, who has the highest qualification and requirement for the one to love! "Gusto kong 'ung pang-model, ung maganda, sexy, at sobrang ganda at hot ng katawan...!"

It's better to be single for now but in the end, I am the happiest, the most satisfied person in the world as I own the very best one! Yeah!

In the music video, it clearly depicts the message! I like how Krissy and Ericka present this music video. It's very catchy, attractive, and very inspiring. The music as well as the video were too lovey to watch!

The PBB Teen Clash Big Winner James Reid is feature in this music video. James adds beauty and attraction to the music video. He perfectly portrays the idea implied by the song. Of course, James shows a great chemistry with the two twin sisters.

Hayz...when I see this music video posted by a friend in FB, I immediately post it here in my site. Besides I can relate with it, I got inspire with it! And it even brings back my 4TH year high school memories!

So, here is the music video of this song called "Don't Say You Love Me" by Krissy and Ericka featuring James Reid. Hope you will get inspire and be in love with the song, the music, and the music video! Cool! C",)

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