'TIll My Heartaches End Music Videos

Written By Rocky Chua on Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 11:02 AM

Once again, the hottest love team of this generation returns in the big screen via a big romantic film!

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson star in the movie called "Till My Heartaches End"!

The theme song and their movie title really fits the current situation of Kimerald. Right now they were facing controversies that suddenly broke their four-year relationship and solid love team.

Well, maybe the movie is somewhat similar to their real-life status. And I know, almost all of us can really relate to their situation. When will the heartaches end?!

Honestly speaking, I really love the theme song. The song somewhat reminds me of my past love stories which ended in undesirable endings!

Ms. Ella Mae Saison sung the original version of "Till My Heartaches End" way back 1993. Then in 1999, the passage band made a revival of it! And now, the returnee Ms. Carol Banawa made another very good rendition of it for the movie of Kimerald!

I have my own love story relating to this song. But, I will tell you all in my next post! Right now, I want you to feel the impact and power of the hottest love team, the Kimerald in all our hearts!

I have here with you two music videos of "Till My Heartaches End" by Carol Banawa. The first one is the complete full version. Here:

And of course the other one is another music video still sung by Carol but different scenes from the movie were shown!

Here is the second music video. Though the song was not full, it strongly emphasized the story in the latest Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson movie. Hope you'll enjoy! Very nice! C",)

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