Beauty and Madness

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 12:43 AM

Aljur Abrenica is now showcasing his talent in singing. After launching his first single with the song called "Sayang-Sayang", he now sings the theme song of the Koreanovela "East of Eden"! This is his revival of Fra Lippi Lippo's original "Beauty and Madness"!

Actually Aljur is the second singer who revives this said song after MYMP.

Blessed with good looks and sexy hot body, we didn't expect that Aljur could also sings like this! Besides, he can play musical instruments.

Here is the lyrics of his song revival:

Beauty and Madness

(Aljur Abrenica)

Over there, just beneath the moon,
There's a man with a burden to keep,
Now sleep will fall, washouts, rags and paperbags
Homes and lives passing by.

Who will see the beauty in your life
And who will be there to hear you when you call
Who will see the madness in your life.
And who will be there to catch you if you fall.

Dreams run wild, as lovers find their way through the night,
Not a care in the world
And over there, from the twinkling of the lights, harbour lights
Say goodnight one more time

[Repeat Chorus]

Aljur didn't yet launched his official music video for this song. So, I will share with you a fan-made music video featuring the scenes from "East of Eden".

What can you say about Aljur's voice?! Do you love it? Do you feel inspire?! Nice one Aljur! C",)

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