Suddenly It's Magic

Written By Rocky Chua on Saturday, February 19, 2011 | 11:41 AM

The so-called "Box-Office King of Valentines" Richard Gutierrez once more showed his magic via this year's Valentines movie, "My Valentine Girls". But this time, he got four leading ladies in a three different love stories.

Unlike the previous movies of Richard Gutierrez every Valentines, this time is very unique! Yup, the movie is a trilogy. We can witness three different types of love stories and we can feel the three types of love in this one big movie. And of course, he got not only one leading lady, but four!

Rhian Ramos, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heusaff, and Eugene Domingo are Chard's four love interests in the said romance flick. And below are their promotional movie posters representing the three romantic stories:

Aside from the three stories, the four leading ladies, and the one hunk leading man, another thing that makes viewers interested with the said film is its theme song!

The official theme song of "My Valentine Girls" is called "Suddenly It's Magic" ! Yeah, it's another revival song which is now performed by Frencheska Farr!

So now, I have here with you the lyrics of "Suddenly It's Magic". The official music video of it featuring Frencheska Farr was not yet released. The MTV of it still contains the lyrics of course with rhythm and music.

Let's now enjoying singing and listening to the OST of "My Valentine Girls"! Feel the love three times! c",)

Suddenly It's Magic
(Frencheska Farr)

I always thought I would be strong
If I made it through the pain
Well, I've been in and out of love
And it all hurts just the same, oh yeah
Love can really change your life
There's something magic in my world tonight


I feel so free,
It's like a fantasy
Havin' you next to me
Suddenly it's magic

One look, one touch
Words just don't say enough
When you fall in love
Suddenly, suddenly it's magic

I'm not afraid of letting go
I've got to find what's right for me
I'm not afraid to stand alone
If that's the way it has to be
After all that I've been through
There's magic when I'm here with you



We can dream our dreams forever
When I'm here with you
Baby, heaven's a heartbeat away
Now that we're together
Love could last forever
There's magic in my life
With you, you…
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