Maghihintay Sa'yo

Written By Rocky Chua on Saturday, March 12, 2011 | 10:12 AM

The Baker King is today's hottest Koreanovela. Everybody really got hooked with the story. But aside from the story, it is today's favorite because of the actor and the theme song!

The theme song of this Asianovela is called "Maghihintay Sa'yo" and the Kapuso teen heartthrob Jhake Vargas sung it. But do you know that I also love this song!

Yup this song reminds me of my childhood sweet memory. A childhood puppy love! The original version of it truly made me feel my childhood young romance.

"Maghihintay Sa'yo" is a classic OPM song popularized by Mr. Dingdong Avanzado.

I was only a child of 2 to 4 years old when this song became a huge hit. At that very young age, I'm looking for my first love! I wonder how she would look like. Every time this song was played, I was getting inspired and hoped that will find my true love someday! Hahaha...bata pa flirty na! Hehe!

Thanks that Jhake revives this said song. He put a new meaning to it! For sometimes I still imagine my good childhood years falling in love at a very, very young age!

The official music video of this inspiring song was not yet released. So, I can only share with you a music video showing some clippings and pictures from "The Baker King" made by a fan. Of course, I also have its lyrics for you to sing!

So, let's reminisce the moments during the days that I'm waiting for the right person to love with this great song from Jhake Vargas! Love, love, love! c",)

Maghihintay Sa'yo
(Jhake Vargas)

Ikaw ang syang ligaya ko
Nagbibigay sigla sa puso ko
O giliw ko, pakinggan mo
Ang nais sabihin ng aking puso


Mahal., mahal na mahal kita
Hindi ako magbabago
Asahan mo ito
Mahal., mahal na mahal kita
Ang puso ko'y iyong-iyo
Asahan mong maghihintay sa'yo


Ang puso ko'y malulumbay
Kung 'di ikaw ang kapiling sa habang buhay
Pag-ibig ko'y walang hanngan
Maghihintay sa iyo magpakailan pa man

(Repeat Chorus)

At... magbuhat, ngayon at kailan man
Ikaw ang iibigin
Ito'y iyong dinggin... dinggin...

(Repeat Chorus)

Hindi ako magbabago
Asahan mo ito...

Mahal., mahal na mahal kita
Ang puso ko'y iyong-iyo
Asahan mong maghihintay sa'yo(2x)
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