Born This Way Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 4:59 AM

Lady Gaga created another remarkable music video! Well, as she always do knowing her! This time its the music video for her latest hit, "Born This Way".

This song is very much popular now. It's famous not only because Lady Gaga created it, but also because of the little Filipina girl who uploaded her own version of it in YouTube.

This dance song is really great. Yeah, it can really drives you in the dance floor. But the other thing which makes it unique is its official music video.

Yup, all of Lady Gaga's music videos were unique! There is a story behind them. It seems that you're watching a movie while watching her music videos!

And she did the same for "Born This Way"! She didn't failed us! The music video is more than a sci-fi movie!

On my previous post, I shared with you the lyrics of this song as well as the first music video taken from Grammy! Now, I will let you share the official music video of it! Let's all watch this:

What can you say?! Do you believe now to Lady Gaga?! It's superb! Lady Gaga is truly an extra-ordinary! She is the only one!

Keep on rocking Lady Gaga! We're getting gaga over Gaga! c",)
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