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Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, August 26, 2011 | 6:00 AM

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Diageo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you already tasted a rum with a taste like heaven which seems to put you above the clouds?! Well, this rum brings you to the sweetness of heaven above the sky!

Maybe you already heard above the so-called Zacapa. If not, let me tell you about its story!

It all began in 1976 in eastern Guatemala where the town of Zacapa celebrated its centenary and gave birth to one of the world’s best tasting rums.

Further west, the terrain is perfectly suited to the cultivation of quality sugar cane. In fact, nowhere in the world could be better suited. For here in the rolling uplands of this green fertile landscape, acidic soils and prolonged periods of golden sunlight are the order of the day. The cane is grown here in volcanic soil, no less. However, unlike most rums which use molasses (a by-product of the sugar making process) as their base, Zacapa uses only the concentrated first press of sugar cane, known as virgin sugar cane honey.

Then comes the ageing process, which takes place high up in the exquisitely beautiful Quetzaltenango highlands, 2,300 metres above sea level, where the cool mountain air slows the ageing process, creating a unique complexity of flavour. The House Above the Clouds is actually one of the world’s highest ageing facilities, and the process employed here, a unique Sistema Solera, is based on a process originally devised by the Spaniards 500 years ago to age sherry. It involves each drop of Zacapa rum passing through several casks that previously housed American whiskey, Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines. So each of these large vessels imparts its own inimitable character that helps give Zacapa its distinctive taste.

That is a very remarkable story! It seems that a legend started in the world of rum with its amazing story!

Aside from tasting the sweetness of heaven with Zacapa, why not join remarkable world of Zacapa?! Yes, you can also join the so-called Zacapa society!

To join the Zacapa Society, simply register your interest at http://www.zacaparum.com/en-us/?utm_source=Outreach&utm_medium=Blogger&utm_campaign=blog_2.

Members of the Zacapa Society will not only learn exclusive details about this exceptional brand, but will also have the opportunity to enjoy remarkable gifts and prizes along the way.Zacapa

This rum or the so-called Zacapa premium rum is one of the world's best rum! Its premium dark rum is the trademark of the company that continuously giving people their wildest satisfaction!

Now, let's get party after being drunk with the dance craze called "Shot" LMFAO. Here it goes:

Shot (LMFAO fea. Lil Jon)

Let's get fucked up!

If you not drunk ladies and gentlemen
Get ready to get fucked up
Lets do it ha, ha
LMFAO, you know what
Lil' Jon, yeah
All of the alcoholics, where you at?
Lets go

Hey (yeah)

When I walk in the club
All eyes on me
I'm with the party rock crew
All drinks are free
We like ciroc
We love patron
We came to party rock
Everybody it's on

Shots (16x)

The ladies love us, When we pour shots
They need an excuse, to suck our cocks
We came to get crunk, how `bout you?
Bottles up, let`s go round two

Shots (16x)

If you ain't getting drunk get the fuck out the club
If you ain't taking shots get the fuck out the club
If you ain't come to party get the fuck out the club
Now where my alcoholics let me see yo hands up
What you drinkin on?
Jaeger bombs, lemon drops
Buttery nipples, jello shots
Kamikaze, three wise men
Fucked on that shit, get me some gin

Patrones on the rocks and I'm ready for some shots
The women come around every time I'm pouring shots
Their panties hit the ground every time I give ‘em shots
So cups in the air everybody let's take shots

If you feelin' drunk put your hands in the air
and if you tryin' to fuck put your hands in the air
Now say "I'm fucked up" ( I'm fucked up)
I'm fucked up (I'm fucked up)
I'm tryin' to fuck (I'm tryin' to fuck)
I'm tryin' to fuck (I'm tryin' to fuck)

Patrones on the rocks and I'm ready for some shots
The women come around every time I'm pourin' shots
Their panties hit the ground every time I give ‘em shots
So cups in the air everybody let's take shots

I fucked up
Let's go

La dad a da
La dad a dad a da

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