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I Have Fallen In Love (With the Same Woman Three Times)

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | 10:22 AM

This could be the saddest day for the whole Filipino community as well as the whole world! Today is the last day people could see our beloved President termed as the "Mother of Democracy", Mrs. Cory Aquino. The day of her burial, the day of tears, and the last day of thanks-giving!

News, TV programs, radio broadcasts, and newspapers were all devoted for her. More and more people were giving their respects and thankfulness to Cory. Seeing her burial parade with a crowd and sea of people, it reminds us of the 1986 People Power Revolution when she returned back the democracy in our hands! Same number of crowds (or probably surpassed) the burial parade of Ninoy Aquino, the loving husband of Cory.

This only proves the love of people to Cory. Cory showed to all of us that she is not only a lover of democracy but a lover of all the people in any kind (rich or poor, known or unknown)! She truly deserve this kind of respect, salute, and love Filipinos gave to her.

As part of my tribute to our Most-Loved Philippine President, I know you already heard this song. Yup, this is the poem Ninoy Aquino created to her wife Cory. Then eventually the poem turned into a melodic love song sang by Jose Mari Chan and became part of his album, "Constant Change". This same song was now revived by Christian Bautista and will be part of the compilation album of Kris Aquino to be dedicated to her mother.

The message of this song is really a remarkable one summarizing the love story of Ninoy and Cory. According to it, Ninoy fell in love with Cory the first time during their young age, the second time was when Cory gave birth to their children, and the third one was during their reunion from the battle! It's such a nice one!

So for all of us, here is the lyrics of the song (originated from a poem) dedicated by Ninoy to Cory. The song full of love, respect, and inspiration!

With tears, gratitude, and thankfulness in our heart, hope all of us learned and inspired from the life Cory showed to our country.

I Have Fallen In Love (With The Same Woman Three Times)
(Jose Mari Chan / Christian Bautista)

I have fallen in love
With the same woman three times
In a day spanning nineteen years
Of tearful joys and joyful tears.

I loved her first when she was young
Enchanting and vibrant, eternally new
She was brilliant, fragrant and cool as the morning dew
I fell in love with her the second time

When first she bore her child and mine
She's always by my side, the source of my strength
Helping to turn the tide…
I fell in love again with the same woman the third time

Looming from the battle her courage will never fade.
Amidst the hardships she has remained
Undaunted and unafraid
She is calm and composed. She is God's lovely maid
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