Pinoy Ako

Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, October 9, 2009 | 2:17 PM

What comes on your mind when you hear this song?

Yup, majority of us flashed on our minds "Pinoy Big Brother" or PBB, the reality TV program in ABS-CBN 2 which first aired on Philippine TV last 2005. And now back on our TV screens via this year's season PBB Double Up.

But do you know that this same song somewhat marked my heart?

Well, I already told you before my September love story way back September 14, 2005. My love story that started seeing a girl wearing orange in a cheering competition late in the afternoon who smiled and stared at me. Then she eventually turned out to be Aviona whom my heart is searching for in that year.

Yeah, after seeing her in our building during the sportfest, my heart is longing to find her. Orange, the color which remain in my heart since I first saw her wearing an orange sleeveless for the cheering. Then I always saw her wearing different other orange shirts and blouse in our Collage building.

The search is over in finding Aviona! Atlast... I finally found her in our ECE General Assembly. Wearing a black ECE shirt that time, since our ECE t-shirt in 2005 was a plain black with a label of ECE organization, she really looks good! I felt deeply in love. I also discovered that she was a member of our organization. She can even play an instrument as well!

And since they have a performance for our assembly, this is the time I saw her talent in dancing. Dancing in the tune of this song "Pinoy ako"!

Wow! Great...!!! I was starstruck! My eyes were constantly fixed to her moves!

Yeah, their performance was a dance number to the tune of Pinoy Ako! They were dancing the same steps the housemates did! She danced gracefully! My heart was really captured! What a moment this day...! I really felt so 'kilig'!

I eventually called my bestfriends and my sidekicks. I told them, I finally found Aviona!!! She was here...she was here...!! I can't explained the feeling I had that day! Oh...that moment happened in October 2005, another in 4th year!

I felt so glad. I felt so loved that day! I was so inspired. This was some of the moments how our love story happened. A Mulawin inspired love story which was the longest one! All was now in my memories. A very great moment and experience to look back!

But of course, I will let you experience the same thing. Let us all look back with my former love life I had with the lyrics of this song by Orange and Lemon! Note that Orange and Lemon band became so popular with this smash hit song! c",)

Pinoy Ako
(Orange and Lemon)

Lahat tayo mayroon pagkakaiba sa tingin pa lang ay makikita na
Iba’t ibang kagustuhan ngunit iisang patutunguhan
Gabay at pagmamahal ang hanap mo
Magbibigay ng halaga sa iyo
Nais mong ipakilala kung sino ka man talaga

Pinoy ikaw ay pinoy
Ipakita sa mundo
Kung ano ang kaya mo
Ibang-iba ang pinoy
Wag kang matatakot
Ipagmalaki mo pinoy ako
Pinoy tayo

‘Pakita mo ang tunay at kung sino ka
Mayro’n mang masama at maganda
Wala naman perpekto
Basta magpakatotoo oohh… oohh…
Gabay at pagmamahal ang hanap mo
Magbibigay ng halaga sa iyo
Nais mong ipakilala kung sino ka man talaga


Talagang ganyan ang buhay
Dapat ka nang masanay
Wala rin mangyayari
Kung laging nakikibagay
Ipakilala ang iyong sarili
Ano man sa iyo ay mangyayari
Ang lagi mong iisipin
Kayang kayang gawin

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