Tell Me Your Name

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, November 9, 2009 | 4:55 PM

Romantic...! Maybe this is a word that would describe this new revival song of Christian Bautista. Hearing it the very first time, you will really fall in love!

In my case, hearing the new version of this song, I really felt love. I can't help imagining myself in a romantic candle light dinner with my very special someone! I feel, I was in the hands of love...embracing me too tightly!

Giving a bit of information about this new song, it was originally done by Mr. Jose Mari Chan. It was a smash hit on late 80's or early 90's and now became a popular classic song. It was then became a remarkable hit of Jose Mari Chan together with his other singles!

Now in our present days, the Asian Pop Superstar, Mr. Christian Bautista make a very good fresh revival of this song. It is a carrier single in his latest album, "Romance Revisited, The Songs of Jose Mari Chan" ! Yeah, all the songs in his album were the classic hit songs of Jose Mari Chan! Christian performed the revival of all the hits of Mr. Chan!

So successful that on the carrier single itself, everybody loves it! Infact, it was used in many love stories on TV specially the recently concluded Sunday afternoon romance mini-TV series Your Song Presents: "Someone To Love" which stars Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby!

And in terms of hit list, it was reported that this Christian Bautista's album topped the list replacing "Nobody" by Wondergirls in the No. 1 spot! Great!

In my own experience, my heart was really caught by this song! The rhythm, the beat, the melody, the singer, and the lyrics of the song was truly captivating!

It feels that you met someone somewhere in a place and you are wishing to get even just her name. I can really relate specially with the lines saying: "Tell me your name you’re lovely, Please tell me your name, Just when I thought, This would be one of those boring games, You walked into these feelings, You looked at me and smiled, My heart unfroze and started going wild...!"

Yeah, those lines were very similar to all of my experience. Majority of my encounters usually in the public places like malls, MRT, or bus, I met someone that really caught my heart! I'm wishing or I initiated to know them or even got their names. Some failed, but many were successful! We ended up in a romantic encounters in different motels! Hmmm...are these just a short time love affairs or only an intimate lust!?

Oops, before we talk deeper, I will let you experience and feel the lyrics of this new Christian Bautista's hit "Tell Me Your Name"! I can't help myself buy a copy of his album! I reproduced it in my PC and in my mobile phone!

So, enjoy it...! c",)

Tell Me Your Name
(Christian Bautista)

Tell me your name you’re lovely
Please tell me your name
Just when I thought
This would be one of those boring games
You walked into these feelings
You looked at me and smiled
My heart unfroze and started going wild

Can you imagine this
The confusion of
first loves kiss
A return to wondering
If the magic of love was this
You merely said hello
And my mind did a stop and go
Can it possibly be
The future for me is you

Tell me your name
I must know
Won’t you tell me your name
I’m not insane
Just frightened that you might go
Don’t go please stay beside me
Wait until I can tell you all my schemes
Chasing rainbows spinning dreams
Finding someone to love like you

I’m not insane
Just frightened that you might go
Don’t go please stay beside me
Wait until I can tell you all my schemes
Chasing rainbows spinning dreams
Tell me please your name
Tell me
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