Bad Romance Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, April 5, 2010 | 2:27 PM

After creating monster hits like "Poker Face" and "Paparazzi", Lady Gaga once again dominate the music world via her another hit "Bad Romance"! This song nowadays is everybody's favorite and widely played in different radio stations, parties, and other special events or special dance numbers!

Just like her other music video, the music video of this dance craze is also remarkable! Another good presentation was once again showcased in this video!

Not just singing and dancing, in this video, there is also a story depicted in the video. With this style of making music videos, I like to commend Lady Gaga! She's really awesome! =)

So, give yourself a chance to watch Lady Gaga's music video with this MV of "Bad Romance"! Get grovi'n with it! c",)

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