You Belong With Me Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | 10:23 PM

Recently, I have given you the lyrics of this hit song from Taylor Swift. You even knew my love story within it.

Now, it's viewing time! Time to view the music video of this song called "You Belong With Me"!

I like this music video. It perfectly suited for young love or teen romance. Yeah, everyone of us experience the same love ache suffered by Taylor Swift in the video! also keeps me reminded of my high school and college love stories. Specially the cheering scene in this video, it all brings back how my past romances started!

Oops...before we talk more about love, I will keep my mouth shut by now to give way to this cute music video! Once again, as I always say...feel the love from this video! Cool! C",)

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