Big Girls Don't Cry Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, May 24, 2010 | 12:10 PM

It's been three years and one month now since I got my first and second jobs. Yeah, it was 2007 when I struggled for a best job. Thanks God, I already got my third job which is best among the previous two! And I already spending my two years and three months here.

Talking about my previous two jobs, did you know that this song from Fergie reminded me of my previous works?

Actually this song called "Big Girls Don't Cry" was the theme song of my officemates in my second job. They keep on playing this song on their cubicles. The song was so good to hear, hindi nakakasawa...! I also love this one!

What more, before I leave my first job, whenever I ride on the bus going home, this song was always played! And my love in that first job always registered on my mind!

But this song was really for my second job. Whenever this song was played, I always remember those god times I spent in this second job. My friends there, my moments, and of course my crush there...all those memories flashed on my mind when I hear this song!

How about if we watch its music video?! I love its music video! It seems that my love stories in my first and second job were reflected here! But still my previous working moments were still on top! So, let us all see how beautiful and hopelessly romantic this song is...! C",)

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