Bye, Bye, Bye Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Thursday, May 6, 2010 | 12:44 PM

This was the first dance song of the hot boyband N'Sync which was also the carrier single in their album "No Strings Attached". This same song also put the group in stardom!

It was year 2000 when this dance craze became a great hit. Summer of the said year to be exact when the song played all over the radio and became number one in the different chart lists!

Did you know that this song was also my theme song to our former neighbor?!

Yup, I got a crush to our former neighbor in Valenzuela City who was a dancer! She was a member of the dance group and really got a sexy hot body! Oohh...! I even feel and feed my fantasy to have an intercourse with her! Ummm...

And every time that this song was playing in the radio, I feel like dancing with her! I even dream to have a dance with her, to be with her, and go together with her in one bed! She was really hot and had a white complexion!

Hmmm...after ten years, will I also feel the same? How about when I see her again? Could I still feel so 'hot'?! I think so since 'till now she still owns a terrific seductive body! Haha!

Well, before I talk too much below the belt, let us see this beautiful dance craze music video from N'Sync! Soooh hot...! C",)

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Anonymous said...

that is soooo below the belt. :D

well, music from our youth brings back so many memories..

Anonymous said...

i added this blog to my links. :)
thanks for the link exchange.

Anonymous said...

i'd like that, but you're other sites are not relevant to mine. if you're thinking about increasing your page rank, relevance is important too. i'm sorry. :(