Eternal Flame Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, May 21, 2010 | 12:23 PM

The year 1999 was a very memorable year to me. I was a 15-year old third year high school student during that year. My career, my academic performance and of course the most important thing, my love life really bloomed during that year!

Adopting an era from my favorite history subject, this was my "Golden Year" in high school!

And this song from the boy group called Human Nature was became a huge hit in the era of my "golden year" in high school.

Yeah, hearing this revival song made me remember the days that I became successful in school and in my romance. Imagine in that year I became an official Philippine History Quizzer, a Science and Technology Quizzer, a Best in Chemistry student having a ceiling grade in four grading periods, a Literary Editor in our school publication, a winner of all the contest that I've joined, and a Top 2 (Second Honor) student in our year level! What more, I got an average grade of more than 92+ at the end of our year. But the most important thing, the best thing that happened to me was the time I fall in love with my co-quizzer!

Well, I think I do not need to tell you over and over again my first love story (unang teleserye kong nag-hit!) since you already knew that from my previous posts. I just like to share with you how it feels hearing back the song that sings my love story!

If you ask me if nasan na sya ngayon, the latest news I got about her was that, she was already in USA taking her Masteral degree in Medicine! And their family is owning and running a parlor/SPA business!

So, let me share with you this good music video from Human Nature, the MTV of the song called "Eternal Flame". a good memory to cherish! C",)

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