When You're Looking Like That Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | 12:56 PM

This Irish Boyband called Westlife was the group who really became part of my lovelife. Yup, they were the one who sang the majority of my lovelife's theme songs! From the very first time I felt the so-called 'first love' way back in my third year high school up to the college romance I had in my second year college, Westlife's hit songs became the soundtrack of my heart.

Their first hit called "Swear It Again" was my theme song to my first love having an initial of JCTM. But before we discussed that, allow me first to share with you my first romance in college which used this song as our theme.

I enter my first year college being a DOST scholar. And as a prerequisite of being such scholar, we need to took a summer class. And this summer class opened my heart into another love affair!

After our summer class, each section needs to perform a special number. Our section was divided into two. The first group will dance the crazy dance 'butsikek' while the other one will dance this hit song. And I became part of the second group.

My close friend in this class was the one who taught me the dance step of this Westlife song. And during our practice, I eventually falling in love with her. Actually upon the start of our summer class, my heart was truly captivated by her!

How I wished this summer will never end! We really became close friend! We danced together with this dance hit! We were together in the very last day of this summer class! We danced together and our section won the special number contest among the other sections!

2001 was the year we became close friend. Everytime I hear this song, I cry! I still remember her! How I wish I will dance with her again...!

So for this moment, allow me to reminisce our times together. Here is the music video of the Westlife's "When You're Looking Like That" that refreshes my heart with my love for her! My love...FJP! C",)

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