I Need A Girl Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 | 12:00 PM

Korean Pop or K-Pop fever is in the air once again! Another hot and sexy dance craze will surely fire the dance floor. This time it's a Korean flavor!

Another hot sexy artist is in with his new dance craze featuring our very own Sandara Park! It's Taeyang turn here in the Rhythm of the Rock!

Taeyang is one of the popular K-Pop artist from Korea who is now dominating the worldwide music chart. One of his hit dance craze today is the dance song called "I Need A Girl"!

It's an extra-ordinary Korean artist was seen in his music video! It's too hot and sexy! We all know that most Korean stars look wholesome with medium or thin body build. But Taeyang is different! As you can see, he got a muscular body with sexy abs and muscles! That's why in many of his music videos, a sexy Taeyang was seen! His music video's theme definitely becomes so hot and sexy!

What more on his dance music besides being so hot and sexy?!

Well, our former and favorite Star Circle Quest graduate Sandara Park who is now known in Korea as Dara and one of the members of the K-Pop girl group called 2NE1 is featured in this video! Yeah, Dara is the leading lady of Taeyang in this cool hot music video!

This dance music video is both cool and hot! Why?! It's because at first, Taeyang really shows his sexiness and his very hot body in the intro. But afterward, as the show goes on, the hotness eventually becomes cool as the scenes become wholesome. Of course, he now get dressed. Then Dara danced with him! So cool..!

So, want to feel both hot and cold?! And wanna see how steamy hot Taeyang is?! Of course, we will also witness the renewed more beautiful Sandara Park! Therefore, let's all watch this dance music video and tell me how it feels...! C",)

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