Lay Your Hands Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, July 19, 2010 | 1:14 PM

Sunday night while having a window shopping to look for a new clothes in SM Makati, this song was playing. When I heard this song, it seems that this song sounds so familiar! Oh...!

Immediately memories flashed on my mind. Yeah, this was the song...the song! It was the theme song used by our former Associate Editor in our school publication as a theme song in our first Publication's Alumni celebration called "3AM"! Hayz, I really can't forget that moment.

I can't explain how I feel during those moments when we had our Alumni event. The feeling of being inlove and jealous collided in my heart.

Yeah I was so excited that we had another event together with my former ex-lover who used to be my co-staffer in the said publication. But our former Associate Editor who handled the event broke our supposed to be another teamup. He paired my love team to the other junior staff to host the show! And it really felt so jealous on my side! Kulang na lang sabihin ko nun sa kanya, "hindi ka din ba nasasaktan dahil gusto mo din ung tinambal mo sa partner ko...?! And I was so frightened before the start of the event. How I wish, the show wouldn't anymore prosper!

And the time was come! What will I do, my lover was paired to a potential rival! What I did was to sit on the front of the stage so that I could look on them from time to time!

Heto na, when the show started and they started to speak, our co-staffers specially the other junior staffs were shouting, "selos...selos...selos...!!!" pertaining to me! I was so very jealous to the nth power and angry during that time! I don't know what to do. It was the fault of our Assoc. Editor!

After the show in the stage, ceremony then followed. Again we were together with my ex-lover. I don't care about the program. I care with my lover!

Although the program was not yet over, when my ex decided to go home, I also decided to go home home too. My co-Editor even asked me, "Uuwi ka na din Rocky...?!" Of course, we will go home together! Going home too jealous!

That was the 'selos' episode of our love story! I was so glad that once again I heard this song called "Lay Your Hands" from Simon Webbe. That was the theme song of the said event. The theme song of the so-called 'jealous episode' of our love story!

So now, let's reminisce those days by this good music video! Enjoy and let the jealous be away from your heart...!!! C",)

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