Where Are You Now Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, July 30, 2010 | 2:04 PM

At first I thought the band singing this song is a Filipino rock band since their voices sound like a Pinoy. But I was surprised that it's a US band!

Honor Society is the group who sings this song called "Where Are You Know"!

I like this song! At first you will love the rhythm and melody of it. You will also love how it was played. But you will love more the message implied by it!

Yup, the song keep on remembering the best moments they have! They were wondering where are now their former teachers, classmates, friends, crush, or lovers! Hmmm...I can relate with them! Haha! =)

Like the singer of the song, today I still wonder where are now the people who used to closed with me! I'm thinking where is now my former lover, my former crush, and my former friends! Of course, I still wonder where is now my former enemies! Haha! But I don't wanna see my former enemies now!

But in case of my former lovers, crush, or friends, I like to see them now. I wonder how they look now, how cute or beautiful they were now, their status in life or if they were still alive! I also like to know if they already have a family of their own! Were they still single, or I am only the one left single?! Hmmm....!

So, let us see how Honor Society reminisce their past! With their music video, let's watch their style of singing and longing! It's such a beautiful music video! So nice...! C",)

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