Open Happiness Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Friday, August 27, 2010 | 5:37 AM

All of us were very much familiar with the theme song of the famous softdrinks company called "Open Happiness"! It is even used as the theme of its many TV commercials of this softdrinks.

But did you know that there is even a Korean version of it?!

Yup, one of the hottest Korean boyband called 2PM was chosen to sing the theme song of this softdrinks! Since they were so famous nowadays, the Coca-Cola company preferred them to sing their theme!

Just like how the Filipino "Open Happiness" theme was performed, this group performs the theme song very similar!

Even how they dressed for this said softdrinks theme song is very similar to us! The red color was maintained!

Well maybe because they were both Asians! Koreans and Filipinos share the same blood of an Asian! We have a similar culture! These maybe some of the reasons why the K-Pop is very much IN to all of us!

Talking about their Korean "Open Happiness" music, I love their beat! It's so full of energy and very relaxing! You will feel like dancing listening with it! And of course, the music video is so cool and fun! I love the way how they sing and dance!

So are you already now to watch the K-Pop version of "Open Happiness"?! Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Korean boyband called 2PM singing with you the theme song of "Open Happiness"! Enjoy! C",)

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