Billionaire Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | 11:30 AM

Who among you didn't dream to be a billionaire?! Who wants to be famous and be in the cover of Forbes Magazine while having billions?!

Well, these were the dreams of this man just like us!

"Billionaire" is today's hottest dance hit. It is popularized by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars!

The song and its rhythm were very good to hear. It really sounds music to our ears. Well, these were some of the reasons why this song eventually becomes favorite of many! It climbs fast to the hit list chart! And it is now played all over the different radio stations.

What more, everybody can easily relate with its message! Just like me, all of us wants to be rich, wants to be not only a millionaire but a billionaire! Wow! And not only that, we want to be rich and famous!

The singer is so ambitious...just like me! Haha...! He always aims high...dreams the best of the best! Yeah, I'm just like him that's why I easily got all my ambitions! I remember the quote from my good friend saying, "Aim for for the stars so that when you fall, you will land on the moon...!"! Hehe...!

So now let us all see how ambitious this music video of "Billionaire"! Let's pretend that we have all the fame and money in our hands while listening and dancing with its beat! Nice! C",)

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