She's Out Of My Life

Written By Rocky Chua on Monday, June 29, 2009 | 12:28 PM

"Michael Jackson is Dead!!!" These are the four words that shocked the news last Friday morning! I first heard the news on our morning AM radio news update before going to work. The reporter thought that it was only a false alarm, but afterwards, it was confirmed!

It was really a shocking news that day and even for now. TV, radio, internet, newspapers...all content is Michael Jackson. Even the Music channels like MTV, Channel V, and MYX, gave tributes to the 'King of POP'! MYX channel gave a 24-hour music videos of the hits of MJ. I was amazed seeing those videos. I like his music are like watching a box-office movies seeing them!

I was also able to see from the different music videos of Michael Jackson his transition looks...from dark child, then to a young dark man...eventually now turning to a very very white complexion with curly/straight hair and with a clep chin.

Hearing the different songs of MJ reminds me of my childhood days. He grabbed the hit chart on 80's. I was also born on mid-80's. I remember on my childhood days, our radio was hitted by the songs of Michael Jackson. And of course during the christmas season. MJ made a various hit christmas songs specially during when he was a member of Jackson 5 group. It's trully a reminscing moments to look back!

Well, for this reasons, I alloted this page for the King of POP. Yeah, admit it or not, the songs of MJ created a spot in my heart. Hmmm...maybe I will give you a marathon of Michael Jackson songs that really gave a hit both on his time, and to our present time.

To start with, I know all of you knows this song. Yup, I was first saw Michael Jackson's video of this song last night. It really a sentimental one! He was too painful singing this song.

Fastforward to the present, this song was then revived by Josh Groban in 2004. I was touched by this song during this time. Yup, because during that time was the departure of my love going to Dubai. I was really hurt that time. I was felt the song specially the lines saying, "So I'ved learned that love is not possesion...and I'ved learned that love won't wait! I really cried because of that incident! As I said before, I decided to took my engineering course to counter attack the love I've lost!

To let you feel Michael, Josh, and Rocky's pain, here is the lyrics of the song 'She's Out of My Life'!

She’s Out of My Life
(Michael Jackson / Josh Groban)

She's out of my life
She's out of my life
And I don't know whether to laugh or cry
I don't know whether to live or die
And it cuts like a knife
She's out of my life

It's out of my hands
It's out of my hands
To think for two years she was here
And I took her for granted I was so cavalier
Now the way that it stands
She's out of my hands

So I've learned that love's not possession
And I've learned that love won't wait
Now I've learned that love needs expression
But I learned too late and

She's out of my life
She's out of my life
Damned indecision and cursed pride
I kept my love for her locked deep inside
And it cuts like a knife
She's out of my life
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