Colourblind Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | 12:23 PM

I really feel inspire whenever I hear this one! It keeps me reminding of my past romance with my 'close friend' way back in second year college. And it leads me to love over and over again in the future!

Last March 8, 2010, I shared with you the lyrics of this song as well as my story behind it! Well if you want to read it back, you may from this post entitled "Colour Blind"!

After the lyrics and my story, it's time now for its music video!

If I get inspire whenever I hear its audio music, what more seeing its official music video! Wow, very much inspiring and romantic! Haha!

Darius who popularized this hit performed very well! I like the way he made his music video! It feels that you are being serenaded by Darius whenever you watch it! Great one Darius! =)

The setting and plot were also cool and romantic! I love seeing him singing in a dessert forest while playing his guitar then a girl eventually came. What more, I like the scene when the rain poured while he was singing. He and the girl got wet! They kissed together under the rain in the last part of the video! So romantic...!

Hayz...let me share with you now the same feeling! Here is the cool inspiring MTV of Darius Danesh's "Colourblind". Love over and over again...! C",)

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