Ulan Music Video

Written By Rocky Chua on Thursday, September 2, 2010 | 11:13 PM

September once again comes. Did you know that this month speaks two love stories to me?! And one of these was the one happened in 2005, the longest ran!

It's already 5 years ago but still whenever I hear this song from Cueshe, memories of how my love story started relives!

This song called "Ulan" is one of the famous hit songs from Cueshe which dominates our music scene in the year of 2005. In this same year, I started to fall in love with the person I met one cheering day!

But actually, I can't say that this song is one of my theme songs to her. It's because when it became a hit, we didn't yet met. Before we met, I was currently in love with one of the staffers from Cavite! But after my feelings for that Cavite Staffers diminished, I started to fall in love with this cheering person. And eventually, I remember her for this song!

This song also fits September! Yup, since September is a rainy month, definitely it needs a rainy song!

So are you ready to get wet with the memories and tears brought by this song from Cueshe?! Well, let's all hear, feel, and watch this very good music video of "Ulan" from one of my favorite rock bands Cueshe.

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